Major League Boyzz – D’Lyric

Major League Boyzz – D’Lyric
hip hop instrumentals
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Live Hip Hop Performances at "The Official Underground Homecoming Block Party & VIP Event" sponsored by Mandown-IP and Cut Up Bad Entertainment. Held at the Underground Nite Club – Greensboro, NC – Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008.

Hip Hop News: Expanding Hip Hop Income Sources

Hip Hop News: Expanding Hip Hop Income Sources

Hip Hop News: Expanding Hip Hop Income Sources

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Home Page > Business > Hip Hop News: Expanding Hip Hop Income Sources

Hip Hop News: Expanding Hip Hop Income Sources

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Posted: Sep 24, 2009 |Comments: 0


Hip hop news and Income reports the number of new income sources continue to expand from the rap culture, even during this economic downturn. Many non-rappers have started to make small fortunes from the rap craze.  Contrary to popular belief, more money is now generated from hip hop accessories than from the music.  

This continues to present an ever expanding opportunity for alert minded and enterprising people who can’t rap but who would like to work in the lucrative hip hop industry. This market has also served as a financial safety net for ex-rap stars to supplement their income once their career is over. Many have gone on to start their own marketing companies, others have lent their names to various products as a brand and other have quietly invested in these companies.

The accessories market include such items as jewelry, clothing, rap beats, ringtones and more. Plus. an ever growing supply of  historical rap memorabilia collectors continue to gobble up as investments. This presents a realistic way for the average person with initiative to get in on this lucrative 30 billion dollar industry without having to rap produce hits or write dope rhymes.

Because of the enormous growth of hip hop music, there’s a strong demand for the accessories  that inspire the compliment the music. Thanks to the internet  a growing number of global customers and manufactures have joined the  excitement. You can find wholesalers and manufacturers in China, Thailand and even  India advertising for people to market their products in many trade magazines.

To make it easy for marketers many manufacturers are offering sales materials, training and even websites to market their accessories. By doing this they’re reducing the risk for more marketers to get involved and do business with them. As the demand for hip hop accessories continues to expand, manufacturers and distributors will need more people and businesses to market their products. And that
good news

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Roy Primm
About the Author:

Discover “7 Ways Anyone Can Cash In On The 30 Billion Dollar Hip Hop Accessories Craze!” Go to … Hip Hop News


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Discover “7 Ways Anyone Can Cash In On The 30 Billion Dollar Hip Hop Accessories Craze!” Go to … Hip Hop News

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What is a hot hip hop song to dance for a crew.?

Question by Jon G: What is a hot hip hop song to dance for a crew.?
I need a hot song.(preferably hip hop) For a dance crew to lay some hot moves down to.
It needs to have a hot beat.
Please don’t tell me any songs that have been played over and over I want a song that people don’t know of.
Thank You!

Best answer:

Answer by Miki
Whine Up by Kat DeLuna
or her other songs Run the Show by Kat DeLuna

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Can anyone tell me some some hip hop music videos that show the artist smoking cigars?

Question by bpstolemysanity: Can anyone tell me some some hip hop music videos that show the artist smoking cigars?
Im working on a project about cigar smoking in hip hop culture, but im not a big hip hop fan. I need some examples of music videos that show the singers smoking cigars. I need as many examples as I can get. Thanks for your help!

Best answer:

Answer by TEXAS GAL, Y’ALL!

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The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop

The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop

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The “epic story” (Jeff Chang, author of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop) of hip-hop’s rise from street culture to global industry-and of the people who worked to make it happen.

The Big Payback takes us from the first made by a “rapping DJ” in 1970s New York to the recent multi-million-dollar sales of the Phat Farm and Roc-a-Wear clothing companies in 2004 and 2007. On this four decade-long journey from the studios where the first rap records were made to the boardrooms where the big deals were done, The Big Payback tallies the list of who lost and who won. Read the secret histories of the early long-shot successes of Sugar Hill Records and Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC’s crossover breakthrough on MTV, the marketing of gangsta rap, and the rise of artist/ entrepreneurs like Jay-Z and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

300 industry veterans-well-known giants like Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons, the founders of Def Jam; and key insiders like Gerald Levin, the embattled former TimeWarner chief-gave their stories to renowned hip-hop journalist Dan Charnas, who provides a compelling, never-before seen, myth-debunking view into the victories, defeats, corporate clashes and street battles along the 40-year road to hip-hop’s dominance.

List Price: $ 24.95

Price: $ 13.25