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Big T Bazaar
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Image by rondostar
My homie Nic Hernandez wrote a piece on the Big T Bazaar. These are some photos to compliment.

Read the article here:…
Licensed under a creative commons share-alike. Use freely but give attribution to Rondo Estrello, Dallas Art Nerd, and link to

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When it comes to hip hop, these MCs are at the top of their class. In this video, we count down our picks for the top 10 rap artists…
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Legacy Hip Hop Band No_22
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Image by U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv
Renowned U.S. hip hop band Legacy was selected by the State Department for a regional tour representing the Rhythm Road program to promote American music abroad. The band reached out to more than 1000 Jewish, Arab and Druze youth through workshops and performances in the underserved communities of Ramlah, Acco, Mghar, Jerusalem and Holon. The band was enthusiastically received by local youth, who couldn’t stop dancing, rapping, and singing together with the artists. Young people of diverse backgrounds gladly embraced the message of expressing one’s voice, talent, and inner spirit, and the message of love and tolerance conveyed by “Legacy” through their music and lyrics.

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Question by krazii2kool: Anyone know of any good jazz/hip hop/R&B violinists or pianists that have instrumental albums?
I absolutely Love Miri Ben-Ari and Nuttin but Stringz and i was wondering if anyone knew or anyone else that has albums out like that? I lov jazz and hip hop. I have Miri Ben-Aris hip hop album and the jazz one she put out before that and Nuttin But Stringz’s jazz/hip hop album and I was looking for more music along those lines. I love instrumental music. Thanks in advance

Best answer:

Answer by Charlotte Anastasia de Maupasant
Regina Carter is a very good jazz violinist. Try her albums I’ll Be Seeing You: A Sentimental Journey or Paganini: After A Dream.

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October t shirt printing, urban clothing and hip hop streetwear. We print the designs you wear.

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Question by : What’s some good sad hip-hop songs like, Better Days, by the game?
What’s some good sad hip-hop songs like the game’s song, Better days? A song with meaningful lyrics and a sad hip-hop beat. Please don’t send me any songs from the 90′s or 80′s please, only songs from year 2000 till present.
…… It’s not because of my mood, it’s because i like to listen to songs like these, now could someone please give me an real question? Yes, I do agree, it can change my mood… but still.
Thx Marcus. But still, is there any songs u would recommend though? Anyone?
Thx Shadow. You definitely have the best answer so far. Respect!
Thx for the additional details for your answer Marcus. Will do.
Thx Shane.
It’s definitely going to be hard to choose best answer.

Best answer:

Answer by Uncle Ruckus
music changes your mood doesn’t it?
why would you want to be sad?
if you are sad and just want to hear people that share your mood, like they’re talking to you through music, just try listening to happy songs instead and get over your bad mood :)

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This is a playlist of new R&B and HipHop songs for 2013 and 2014 that I put together, I know it’s been a longtime since I put up a new video and there will p…
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